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Wholesale Mac Makeup, Wu Miao Play Beauty: BB cream you do not know about a few little secrets

BB cream origin of the name - from the United States for medical treatment cream designed recovery

Why is it called BB cream? Not applied, the skin can be as smooth and delicate as BB, which is Blemish Balm Cream acronym, namely "blemishes skin care cream." Fifties of last century, the beginning of popular medical peels, we aim through the use of chemical or physical Greek scrub to remove dead skin facial, make the skin look smooth and delicate than the original. However, the skin after treatment, the skin will appear more obvious erythema, peeling and other issues, in order to conceal redness, while protecting the damaged parts of the skin, the German dermatologist Schrammek developed a "cream bandage": lines in the skin surface a protective layer, reducing external stimuli, nourishing the skin, relieve chapped playful, while modification of color, so redness becomes less obvious.

Seventies and eighties of the last century, Wholesale Mac Makeup into Korea, but has been limited to the medical centers. With the influx of Korean medical cosmetic plastic surgery set off, it was the "star of the beautiful secret device" Start popularity. Become one of the hottest Asian market is one beauty care products.

South Korean actress driven BB Cream wave

Wholesale mac makeup-BB cream cosmetics and skincare range between

BB cream in the end is a skincare or makeup? The most popular argument is that it "ranged between skincare and make-up." With the traditional foundation, makeup base, compared, cheap mac cosmetics, BB cream containing more skin care ingredients, in theory, provide services such as moisturizing, antioxidant, whitening, anti-aging, sunscreen and other functions; compared with traditional skin care products, which in turn more than a layer modification, bright color features, with a natural finish after using a sense, in the nude makeup popular, most people accelerated pace of life, everything needs "full effect" one step "today, conform" climate, geography, and "BB cream is particularly popular because of their medical background with, BB cream is widely perceived to have a" repair "and" stimulus "and even" anti-sensitive, "and so, by the self that" skin easy-sensitive, you can not use sunscreen isolation or "people of all ages.

In the most popular time, once there have been "twenty one" BB cream, and some even take it as a night nurse or sensitive emergency. What really so magical? Despite the "medical background" and also contains skin care ingredients, BB cream, but not a substitute for skin care products. The reason is very simple: First, it contains a pigment, and secondly, it is far below the skin to add functionality usual skin care products.

Wu Miao teachers love to use BB cream

BB cream skin care products can not replace

For healthy skin, there is not much maintenance needs, or just beginning the "maintenance" and "make-up" of consciousness, BB cream is a good entry-level choice: it has a certain moisturizing and nourishing power, but also help block a little UV rays. So never pay attention to the people who had maintained, there is a preliminary "skin care" experience. However, its "maintenance" capability is also limited to this, a very small amount of whitening, anti-aging ingredients added to improve the skin problems and no major significance. If the effect of too many and too complex, and also contains spices and other ingredients added, the more lost "sensitive skin care" significance.

For people who love BB cream,cheap mac cosmetics a more robust approach, or in the skin prior to use according to need, apply a functional essence, then choose a texture you like for your complexion products (please ignore written on the packaging Some "white", "anti-aging" "pores" and so forth), used as a daytime isolation.